Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis



Pica~Post No.4 AW•MMXII

Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis


Creative Direction: Steve Sanderson & Nigel Lawson
Editor / Art Director: Eóin MacManus
Photography: Ray Chan, Enrico Grigoletti
Styling: Steve Sanderson, Nigel Lawson, John Studley 
Illustration: Rosie Toole, Kelly Angood
 Words: Sam Waller, Enrico Grigoletti, Eóin MacManus, Il Bosco  


A limited number of printed copies were published and distributed to Oi Polloi's customers at the end of 2012

Design: Commission Studio

 Printed by: Push


 “It was in 1968, the year before Woodstock, between the giant bottle of liquid mercury Tony Conrad found in a doorway on 42nd Street and the Mylar Chamber, we experienced a shared voyage conceived in three parts: The Opium Dream, Shaman and Heavenly Blue Mylar Pavilions, an alchemical journey born out of common consciousness — culminating in the akashic Hindu drop swirling in the sky’s reflected azure. No minimalism here, but a maximalist adventure...”

Ira Cohen

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