Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis



Pica~Post No.5 SS•MMXIII

Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis


Creative Direction: Steve Sanderson & Nigel Lawson
Editor / Art Director: Eóin MacManus
Photography: Antony Crook, Mike Sallabank
Styling: Angelo Urrutia, Steve Sanderson, Nigel Lawson, Eóin MacManus 
Illustration: Ben Lamb, Rosie Toole, Kelly Angood

Words: Shinya Hasegawa, Michael Fordham, Sam Waller, Eóin MacManus 

Thanks to Ryan at Inventory Magazine and Reuben Wood 


A limited number of printed copies were published and distributed to Oi Polloi's customers in the early part of 2013

Design: Commission Studio

 Printed by: Push


In 1920s Paris a tennis player named René Lacoste bags himself a crocodile-skin suitcase after winning a bet with his coach, earning him the nickname ‘The Crocodile’ in the process. Meanwhile, in midtown Manhattan, crocodilians roam the sewers, one time pets bought on holiday then flushed down the toilet when their size became scary. Coincidence? Or further proof that humanoid reptiles rule the world? 

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