Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis



Pica~Post No.7 SS•MMXIV

Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis


Pica~Post was creatively directed by Steve Sanderson and Nigel Lawson, Steve Hockett and Mike Fallows made it look bad on purpose, Mike Sallabank took some photographs, Sam Waller struggled with spelling, Mark Smith did slightly better with spelling, Steve Sanderson and John Studley decided which clothes looked good together, Richard Harris, Ebo Hero and Romain Lantoine wore the clothes (that looked good together), Tom Scott kept the ball rolling, Rebecca Ledgar sketched some jackets, Stuart Fear fearlessly drew drawings, David Keyte talked about running, Olympic Press turned our digital dreams to inky realities and Neil Summers inadvertently came up with the title for the tennis shoot. Thanks to the helpful chaps at iMakr, Rod McNaughton at the Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club and Phillip Howells.



“What we were doing back then, back in ’71 — that was alchemy. We took a wooden cabinet, an old TV, a reel of solder and the rules of an 800 year-old ball-sport and we made gold. Sure, no arcades bought the machines, and I live in my station wagon, but the memories — damn, we were on top of the world.”
Jacob Jefferson Jr. — Inventor of REAL PONG, 2003

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