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Our protagonist had never travelled through time before, so it came as a bit of a surprise when he found he was slap bang in the middle of the Jurassic period. He’d gone to sleep in the single bed in the corner of his bedroom, and had woken in a small clearing in a forest. It was fairly similar to normal forests he’d seen in ‘normal times’, but the dead giveaway that he wasn’t in ‘normal times’ was the fact that a herd of slow-moving, long-necked dinosaurs wandered past, occasionally stopping to chow-down on the branches of the trees.

He’d eaten a king-size Mars Bar before going to bed, but he’d eaten Mars Bars a fair few times before and nothing had ever happened. He’d also been wearing a new hat for the last few days, but the person in the shop mentioned nothing of time travel side-effects, so it probably wasn’t that either. With no sensible explanation, he just did what anyone else would probably do in the situation and trudged onward.

In his younger days he was quite the fan of dinosaurs — when he was five his favourite t-shirt had a picture of a stegosaurus wearing sunglasses printed on the front, and his diplodocus wallpaper had stayed firmly pasted to his walls well into his teens. But now, wandering amongst real-life actual dinosaurs, he couldn’t help but feel slightly uninterested. Was this just a part of growing old, or were dinosaurs just dull? None of the dinosaurs he saw paid him much attention, and apart from nearly getting trampled on once or twice, it was if the dinosaurs didn’t care at all. And there was no phone signal. And the food was rubbish.

As he struggled to chew his way through a tasteless chunk of bark, he again had the firm feeling he was in the wrong era.


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