Published by Oi Polloi of Cottonopolis



Creative Overlords:
Steve Sanderson & Nigel Lawson

Physical Dream Weaver:
Steve Hockett

Virtual Dream Weaver:
Mike Fallows

Soul Stealers:
Mike Sallabank, Harriet Turney & Jay Johnson

Word Writers:
Sam Waller & Mark Smith

Whip Cracker:
Tom Scott

Garment Selectors:
Steve Sanderson, John Studley & Sebastian Beesley

Clothes Horses:
Jayde Drew, Mark Robinson, Cirrah Webb, Josh Holden, Daryl Horner, Kenyah Lili, Robbie Squire & Nick Stansfield

Pigeon Chasers:
Byrd, Pedro, Harvey & Bertie

Nigel Lawson, Steve Leggat, Simon Crompton & Ebo Hero

Pencil Alchemist:
Clay Whitter

Thanks to the fine folk at: adidas, Barbour, NCP car parks, Gauntlet Birds of Prey, Patagonia, Reebok & Sugar Factory

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“He’s got a hawk, Sir. It’s a kestrel. He’s mad about it. He never knocks about wi’ anybody else now, he just looks after this hawk all t’time. He’s crackers wi’ it!”
Tibbut, 1968

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